Rates and Services

Please see below for general info regarding my services, and if you’re interested in discussing your specific needs, please contact me at tim.e.johnson (at) gmail (dot) com with some details about your project and the kind of help you’re looking for. I’m always happy to make custom arrangements to suit individual needs. All rates are Editorial Freelancers Association standard.



I can write everything from a short news piece to a longer-form feature.

$.50–$1/wd depending on research and interview demands


Need to express your company values in some marketing matter


Blog writing

The venue is informal, and you just want some text on a page to explore the surface of your ideas. I got you.



You have the text, but you want a professional to make it shine.



You have the text. It’s pretty good, but you want a professional to make it sure there are no typos.


Why Me?

I have worked as a professional magazine, website, and journal editor since 2006. I hold a BA and MFA in English disciplines. I have undergraduate classroom and one-on-one teaching experience in fiction writing, intro to creative writing, literature, and first-year composition.

I also am easy to work with, considerate, and professional without being bland and stuffy. You can expect prompt responses and clear communication. With me, you’ll never wonder when or if you’ll hear back, and you’ll be consistently apprised of your project’s progress toward deadlines and due dates you can depend on.

Furthermore, I have worked from every seat in publishing projects and understand the needs, demands, and desires of every task. I pride myself in anticipating client needs and working at every step to ensure my jobs are easier simply by having me on the team.

Ready to Get to Work?

If you’re interested in working with me in any capacity on your project, please contact me at tim.e.johnson (at) gmail (dot) come with some details about your project and what you’re looking for in an editor.